Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Today is the 15th of March 2017. its been 2 years since i last spoke to you. 
In these 2 years so much has happened, people who were once so close to me are just strangers on the street and new faces have been introduced into my life. 
Its weird how things change isn't it , in 2015 i would have no idea what was to come, its been such a hectic year, so much crazy stuff has happened that you would not believe but I'm reaching a point now where things are going to get better and calm down, as they calm down i have decided i want to come back to this. Blogging was something i really enjoyed back in 2015 , it helped me out a lot almost a type of escapism whilst i was doing my GCSES.
so here i am . now 18 years old and at a whole new chapter of my life, i hope we get to talk about new topics that i may not of mentioned before, i think that would be a good idea.

love always, 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

My Summer To Do List 2015

Helloo guys and girlies, 

So I have two more exams left then I can leave school. Thinking about this makes me realise that after these two exams I am going to be free for 8 months which is a very long time so I thought that it would be a good idea to have a list of things that I would like to achieve and do over the coming 8 weeks. I thought that if I told you and wrote it down it might help me motivate myself to complete it. Sometimes its good to make lists, well I think so. I often get confused and get stressed out especially in busy periods and a way to DE stress and make myself feel more organised and in control of my life I like to this. 

1) - Wake up the same time each day (EARLY)- when I look back on previous holidays I realise that I could of got so much more done had I of actually woken up and not stayed in bed all day wasting away, as much as I love my bed in the moment when I am awake I'm glad that I got up as I feel as though I am more productive which I am. so in the coming 8 weeks I want to wake up at the same time each day and get myself into a routine so I feel happier and make the most of my time.

2)- Find a hobby or a regular activity to do- When i look at other people that are apart of clubs and teams I get really jealous. I have spent my life joining clubs and groups but i have never really stuck to them , after a few months I get bored and quit. But I have decided that i want to do something for myself. I think that this is even more important because now I'm getting older I'm becoming in charge of my own time so I  think that having a hobby would  be a good use of my free time. I'm thinking cycling, the 2012 Olympic mountain bike track is around the corner so and they have opened it up to the public so I might take up cycling, i loved it as a child!

3)- Organise to go out with Friends as much a possible- Sometimes over the '6 weeks' friends become a bit distant with each other, they go on holidays ,  don't have enough money to go out , just get a bit unsociable (me). I have decided that no matter what whenever i have free time I will organise to go out with my friends (which will be all the time) this is even more so important as after the holidays we will all be going off into our separate pathways and so this may be  the last chance to spend quality time with the group together. 

4)- GET HEALTHY GET FIT- I wouldn't say I'm really unhealthy, I have quite a balanced diet but that's not all the components of health. There are times where I would pick to get the bus over walking, or maybe I said yes to something that I could of said no too. but over the 6 weeks I want to drink more water , cut the crap and get out more.

5)- Go new places and meet new people- I am quite a sociable person, I love meeting new people and I'm quite a talkative person. Over the summer holidays i want to visit new places which means new people. Booking the festivals is a start to this as I will be meeting lots of new people at a place full of music that I love which I am sooo excited about. I would like to go London in the holidays and go to shore ditch because of the street art. 

6)-Remember to live in the now- This is something I always forget. especially in past holidays and time off, when I have an exciting even coming up I often only think about that rather than the days that are passing and I don't pay much attention to them. When I look back I wish I had made more out of the days that I sat fantasising about 'the event' or holiday. So in this coming holiday I want to do something each day and make myself feel like I have accomplished something. positive and productive.

I think that's it, at least for now. Whilst writing this post it really got me motivated and made me think, I want to make the most of this holiday and make it the best yet.

Why don't you write a summer to do list?

Love always,

Saturday, 13 June 2015

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Thursday, 11 June 2015

What School has taught me.

So my school experience is coming to an end and to be honest it still hasn't kicked in yet that im leaving after 5 years surrounded by the same people they are about to leave my side and venture of into the world into their own dreams and aspirations I find this quite sad and daunting but im happy for them and good luck. 
I still remember my first day as if it was yesterday, and although when I look in the mirror and feel as though I haven't changed I look back at all that i have accomplished and achieved and im quite proud of the person that I am developing into. 

Over the 5 years despite learning what I needed to know for my GCSES I have also learnt so many life skills which I know will only benefit me later on in life. I enjoyed high school, although it was full of arguments at times and every so often I would have a low point, i still look back and smile as I have met some amazing people who have taught me some unforgettable life lessons and made me smile on countless times. 
I think that one of the first lessons that I learnt in high school was probably the most important and that was that not everyone in the world will like you. I figured this out for myself, after a few arguments with different people I realized that the relationship you have with one person cant always be had with another, some people are just not meant to be but that's no one's fault that's just the way the world works. 

Another lesson I learnt was to be yourself! I know that its easier said then done but being yourself is the best way to survive and enjoy high school, you need to embrace all of your imperfections and weirdness. they separate you from the rest. Don't change because everyone else wants you to change, If you want to change then do it for yourself. Strive for authenticity , it will help you later on in life with relationships , work and just life in general. Think about how boring life would be if everyone liked and loved the same things and people. So my tip for you is to Embrace don't Chase. 

And lastly I learnt that all you need to do is try your best. You cant be amazing at everything, as long as you try and do you best no one can ever have a go at you or moan at you and when you think to yourself you can say well I tried my best! This is the way I have been getting through exams and revision, I've tried so hard with my exams and after each one I have sat I've walked out happy as I  have done my best, even though  this might not give me a pass, this is also all my family want me to do. My best. 

School has obviously taught me a lot of lessons about life and I  could go on for donkeys years about what its taught me and how its influenced me to be the person I am today but I think it maybe easier for you to learn yourself if you are younger than me, and if your older the question I ask to you is how did high school change you? Has it had a negative or positive impact on your life and if so how? 

I would love to hear your opinions, im going to leave a quote with you which I find inspiring and its basically about making the most out of every moment. Its from one of my favorite movies 'about time' which I deeply recommend to you. 


Monday, 8 June 2015

June Beauty Favourites!

Hiya guys! Hope your all well, today I thought that I would share with you some of my beauty favorites from over the past month, you can buy all of these products from drugstores like Boots and super drug!

1) I often get really worried when trying new foundation, it can be so expensive and you never really know what you are getting yourself into despite the reviews that you see. Over the past couple of months I have turned into a You Tube addict, especially the beauty channels which is quite strange! Who knew that watching someone apply mascara could be so entertaining. This foundation had popped up in quite a few videos that I had been watching, I was feeling pretty down around that time as my skin had a flair up with spots and the foundation that I was using at the time was not giving me the coverage that I needed, So one day whilst out I made a cheeky purchase of this foundation in Calico. The packaging describes perfectly what it does. It gives a medium to full coverage but without the cakey affect that some foundations give you. My skin had been quite oily and I found that the foundation helps to keep the balance in my skin. Another upside to this foundation is that it is SPF 15 which just gives you a little bit of protection from the sun.  This foundation is slightly pricey at about £13.50 from Boots however they always tend to have special offers on the                                                                                                                     NO7 range, it all depends on how much you are willing                                                                                                           to pay  but I  do think that you can see the difference
                                                                                                                 from paying £5 and £14.00.  I will be buying this again!

2) If you have been in any magazines recently you would know that this isn't just a favorite by myself but many people are loving this maybelline great lash mascara. I love the fact that its not too pricey, its available in all drugstores and even supermarkets sell this mascara. This mascara gives you the perfect volume and length without the clumps! It allows you to get that totally in look of the 70' without looking like you have clumpy spider legs attached to your eyes. You can buy this from boots £4.00 which I think is a reasonable price considering the quality is actually quite good.

3) I have been on the search for the name of this product in ages. I have had one of those cinderella moments. This is the Collection Extreme 24 hours long lasting eyeliner. I know some people are not a fan of the Collection range however I can hardly fault this product. I find the application of the eyeliner very simple and easy which can only make applying eyeliner easier as it is a task that takes much concentration and focus. The flow of the pen type brush allows you to decide how much you would like to apply. The life of the product is very long considering its a water liner, most eyeliners that  I have used in the past dry up incredibly fast! The only annoying thing about this product which I find happens to a lot of eyeliners that I  use , because I have a slightly hooded eye the eyeliner from the top eye can sometimes smudge onto my eyelids. You can buy this product from all drugstores and supermarkets with a collection stand for £2.99. 

4) I never buy myself BOURJOUIS products as they cost a lot and being 16 and unemployed im not too  sure that its a great idea. But my mum is a fan of the range and brought this bronzing powder however she didn't like it as it was to light. Being the pale ghost  I am I asked if I could use it, the colour was perfect for me, not too dark or light the right kind of shade that didn't make me look too much like Kim Kardashian. Its very easy to apply and can add more warmth into your skin. I am in love with this product and im thankful to my mum that she sits outside in the sun otherwise I would of never of met this amazing product!
You can buy this product from most drugstores for £8.00 and even supermarkets with a BOURJOIS stand. 

5) I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS W7 IN THE NUDE EYE SHADOW PALETTE! Its so much like the original Naked urban decay palette however its no way as much as it. The colours are all so beautiful and the pigmentation of each shade is fantastic, you wouldn't be able to tell that it cost £9.99. I like the way that the colours are all slightly similar with the same undertones so you are able to create your own perfect smokey eye from one palette without having to run around and find colours that match the main colour you are using. It makes makeup application 10 times easier. 

I hope you have enjoyed this post! 
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If you have any questions or any feedback feel free to comment! :) 

                                                        Love always, 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

High Street Store Outfit Buy!

Helloo guys! Hope your day has been fantastic..So a few days a go I went shopping and I thought that I would share with you some of the things I brought. I was quite pleased with my little spend as I only brought thing I needed. So the first buy was my White Jelly sandles from Primark which cost £4.00 , I should of brought more as they are super comfy! I often see these a lot, especially the JuJu ones which are a million times the price, I don't think you can tell the difference..not really anyway and these are just as comfortable if not more. I got white as they go with most clothing and are quite summery. Next time I visit Primark I should buy another colour maybe black and a sparkley colour as I love sparkles!
I also went to H&M, I never used to go in there as I never thought they sold clothing for my age however recently I have been in love with H&M they have some beautiful bohoo clothing that you will not see in any other store. I also love this shop as the texture of each fabric is so soft and I just love It! 
I will post more pictures of the clothes that I brought however I did buy a vest top for £7.99 , its loose fitted and has a nice slit patter on the shoulders, it is longer at the back and I love this because it covers my bum! 
Getting to my Favrioute purchase, I brought a pair of patterned loose trousers (I don't know the name) but they have a strechy waist and completely loose on the leg. I love the hang on them and the pattern is totally me. The colours are so pretty and vibrant and not like why you would see in primark. They are so light and the fabric is so soft! They were £14.99 and I think this is a great price considering I will wear them a lot! 

 I hope you like this post, I will post more pictures of the outfit shortly..

Love always , Ellie E 

The sisterhood of the world bloggers' award!

The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers' Award

Thank you Jennie for nominating me! I nominate Jessica , Amy and Kimberley

The Rules:
1 | Answer the ten questions you have been sent, thanking the blogger who nominated you.
2 | Come up with ten questions of your own.
3 | Nominate up to ten bloggers.
My Answers! 
1: What's your best blogging tip regarding the use of Social Media? 
I think that it's good to share your blog around using Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Twitter is especially useful when tweeting & there's plenty of blog retweet accounts that will rt your blog to help you get known!
2: What music do you listen to? 
This can vary, I have no specific genre however I'm into house,deep house , pop and most recently as you'd know I've been listening to Tom Rosenthal who is a folk singer ! 
3: Recommend a TV series and a reason why. 
Once upon a time is my recent new lover! I watch series all the time and I find this simply amazing. It's basically about all the fairytales that you have ever heard about in your childhood and they all get sent to our world in modern day without magic but they forget they are fairytale characters..I'm not saying any more but please watch ! (Netflix)
4: How do you cheer yourself up when you're down? 
I like watching vines, the funny ones ..I can sit for hours watching them 
5: How do you have your tea? 
Strong , milk and no sugar (sweet enough) 
6: How do you stay organised? 
I'm not that organised however I like to make plans of the week so that I know what I need to do and what I'm doing. 
7: What is one thing you would love to learn? 
Sign language, isn't it amazing?! That's on my list of things to do before I die. (How morbid)
8: What is your dream wedding? (If you want to get married...if you don't, why not?) 
I would love a wedding in a forest, with flowers ( I love flowers) and tree trunks to sit on with lanterns hanging..A little like twilight but better and without the bloodthirsty vampires 
9: Where would you love to travel to? 
Bali, I'm all about Buddhas, monkeys and in sense & I want to master the art of zen ..
10: If you could speak another language what would it be and why? 
I'd love to be able to talk in Italian , I think it's beautiful and I can order my coffee in Italian which is cute ! 

My 10 questions to you are..

1) If you could be an animal what would you be and why?

2) If you could have a magical power what would it be and why that power?

3) Your favourite restaurant or fast food?

4) Your most loved brand ?

5) Something on your bucket list and why it's on there?

6) Pepsi or coke? 

7) A country that you would like to visit and why?

8) Favrioute fruit? 

9) Star sign? 

10) A film that you would recommend and why?